Nutrition is a very important component to ones overall state of health.


There is abundant literature present on the role of  nutrition, or lack there-of, and links to many disease procesees.

In order to thoroughly evaluate ones health status, and achieve total health and wellness, nutritional status needs to be addressed and optimized.

The first step is micronutrient testing.  This allows an objective assessment of your nutritional status, checking over 100 vitamins, minerals, antioxidant status, and micronutrients.  Concomitantly, a skin carotenoid score will be checked with use of the biophotonic scanner.  Using these measuring tools, we will have a complete and accurate understanding of your individualized nutritional status, and we can then implement a unique plan personalized to your body.  This will generally entail consultation with a nutritionst / dietician, as well as the necessary dietary reccomendations, changes, and/or supplementation.

We strongly believe that this comprehensive method of testing, counseling, and implementation allow us to accomplish the highest, most individualized level of nutritional management to compliment your overall health care.  Please find the below information on our micronutritent testing with spectracell, and skin carotenoid measurements with the biophotonic scanner.  And, as always, if you have any questions, be sure to ask us.