Dr. Brown is transitioning into a retainer-based practice.

There are many different terms out there floating around to describe this, some of which you may heard:
- “concierge medicine”
- “boutique practice”
- “cash practice”
- “direct pay model”
- “private physician practice”

Essentially every practice is unique in the way it employs such a model.

Basically, each patient will first be presented one of the below plans most specific to thier needs, and then can meet with one of our insurance specialists, to optimize your current health care plan – and in many cases, this retainer-based model can actually SAVE you money. While we absolutely recommend that everyone carry some form of health insurance, we do take people into the program who do not have health insurance at all.

After evaluating and customizing (if necessary) the below options and establishing any desirable options with the insurance specialist, we can move forward with a wellness plan. In addition to having Dr. Brown as your personal, highly accessible, private physician, you will benefit from all or many of the below list of value added services, which is presented as an a-la-carte menu with prices.

- An annual wellness exam, including basic / traditional lab tests
- Advanced preventive / early detection analysis – (advanced lipid testing, inflammatory biomarkers)
- Bioscan analysis with the biophotonic scanner – anti-oxidant levels / assessment
- A heart scan
- Echocardiogram with carotid dopplers
- Micronutrient analysis – comprehensive nutritional test
- Personal Health Record
- Personal Health Coach
- Direct access to the doctor 24/7 – (cell / text / facebook / email)
- No Copays
- Follow up visits when needed
- Rapid appointment bookings – usually same day
- Home visits (when needed – determined on a case by case basis)

And here is the list of available wellness plans, with further elaboration of each listed service.  The plans range in price and are paid annually.  Semi-annual payments are also available – with an additional 10% of the plan paid in the first installment.  Also, family discounts exist – 20% for each additional member.  And lastly, coorporate discounts are priced at 10% discount for 2-5 people; 15% for 5-10; 20% for 11-25; and 25% for > 25 people covered.

The Optimal Plan

The Uninsured Plan

The Obamacare Recovery Plan

The Domestic Plan

The International Plan

The College Student / Medical Student Plan

The Elite Athlete Plan

The Executive Plan

The Physical Fitness Plan

The Weight Loss Plan

The Cardiovascular Risk Assessment & Reduction Plan ( *avoid heart attack, stroke, diabetes)

→ The Sexual Health and Wellness Plan

→ The Anti-Aging Plan

Comparative Analysis of all plans, with a-la-carte menu costs: