I have been a patient of Dr. Brown’s since 2006.

I have a condition called Osteo-Chrondral defect with chondrolamacia in both of my knees.

I went once a week for three weeks each time to get injections in each knee joint. The injections were called synvisc. It can be a painful injection if your joint space is small like mine but it’s totally worth it!

I did not need to have surgery. I am a pretty active person in team sports, water sports & snow skiing. When I would bend my knees during sports or go running or skiing of any kind it felt like there was no padding between my bone and my knee cap. If I went jogging it would hurt for days. It got to the point that going up and down stairs even was painful. I needed to do something about it and I didn’t want to do any kind of surgery yet.

I have had the injections done and I have felt soooo much better! I don’t really have the pain except for every once in a while, but I have to be doing something really strenuous to feel it.  

I think Dr. Brown is the best doctor I have ever had and he really does try to do the best he can to make you feel better without jumping right into surgeries. If I have get to the point that I feel I need surgery then I will be going back to Dr. Brown to get more information about it. He is the most personable doctor I have ever had and also very knowledgeable. I think it’s awesome that he will be joining the Richmond Bone & Joint Clinic and you couldn’t have made a better choice!

-Kristi Evans



I hyperextend both of my knee’s while running and hurdling at practice. This caused my knees to swell, and my left knee had to be drained.

I wasn’t able to jump or do any hurdles at practice, and I’m a hurdler, so this wasn’t good.

Prior to receiving treatment I didn’t think I would be able to compete at the 2006 USA Track & Field Championships. But after receiving treatment I was able to get a Qualifying time the next month in May 2006 and I competed in the USA Championships in June 2006. Since then I continued to receive follow up treatment from Dr. Brown for the 2007 season and the 2008 Olympic season. I competed in the 2007 USA Championships and also competed at this past 2008 Olympic Trials. First giving honor to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I thank God that He led me to Dr. Brown. Dr. Brown took his time and expertise to diagnose my injury properly and exact. Dr. Brown is kind, positive and confident. In my eyes he is on the list of Best Doctor’s. The last two seasons I have not needed the treatment, but I have received follow-up, just to make sure my knees are moving properly. This 2009 Track and Field season, I have already run a qualifying time for the USA Outdoor Championships in the 400 hurdle. I will be competing June 25-27, 2009. So my mobility and quality of life has been great!

-Meka Thompson

I have never worked with a doctor more innovative and thorough as Dr. Brown.

He is always at the top of his game and always knows the cutting edge treatments and their viability. What I like most about Dr. Brown is that he truly cares for the patient and it shows.

-Cynthia Cooper