The International Wellness Plan:  $1000/yr

The International Wellness plan is primarily for those who live outside of the United States, but would like the medical services of Dr. Brown to be their personal care physician from afar.   While living over-seas has many perks, the quality and sophistication of the health care system may not be optimal for your health.  This option affords you the ability to keep American-quality health care on your side, even remotely.  Each year’s membership includes an annual, in-depth medical history analysis, going over your entire medical history list, medications, and medical needs, and creating your own individualized wellness plan.  If you get sick, or have a problem or a question, you can always call Dr. Brown and his staff first.  If the problem can adequately be managed from afar, it will be handled.  If not, the Dr. will make a recommendation, and serve as your medical advocate through that problem (ie. If there needs to be a discussion with another health care provider, etc.).   We will review all treatment plans and measures to ensure they are up to American standards.  In addition, you will get 1 free month of Vitality as described below.  You will also benefit from your own personal health record to store your medical information.  You may want to consider coming to the Houston to visit Dr. Brown at the office, and looking at travel visits, and other services on the a-la-carte menu.  It is very possible that Dr. Brown can come visit you on occasion through this travel plan, and blood work and STD screening can also be done as well (see the menu for the array of blood work that can be done).

  1. An annual comprehensive medical history
    • Includes an in-depth past medical/family/social/personal history.
    • Medications will be reviewed
    • A personalized wellness plan just for you will be created
  2. One month of Vitality
    • AgeLoc Vitality is a dietary supplement which has produced dramatic results with boosts in energy, mental clarity, and libido – something almost everyone wants and could use
    • It is pharmaceutical grade in quality, and a very safe product to take
  3. Annual nutritionist consultation
    • I have been personally working in collaboration with Catherine since 2003.  She is well versed in working with elite level athletes, to diabetics and patients aspiring to lose weight. She does a great job, and will help you live a healthier life.  I am committed to achieving the highest level of nutrition for myself and my patients – and if you notice, out of all the services offered, there is ONE which is included in every single one of our wellness plans – the nutritionist consult.
    • You will have an individual session with Catherine to personally assess and enhance your diet – with follow up correspondence per email.
    • Weather your trying to loose weight, working on athletic performance, or to lead a healthy life with the highest level of prevention possible, this consultation is invaluable
  4. Personal Health Record
    • You will be able to house all of your personal records electronically
  5. Medical Advocate
    • Dr. Brown and his staff are well versed in coordinating care with all of your health care providers