The Cardiovascular Wellness Plan:  $3900/yr

The cardiovascular plan essentially incorporates the executive plan, and adds a few more quintessential screening tests and therapeutic interventions.  In addition to the services and amenities available in the executive wellness plan, you will receive cardiac screening with echocardiogram, carotid dopplers, ankle brachial index to look for the development of peripheral artery disease, as well as the supplement co-enzyme Q 10.  Also, the new omega-3 testing is cutting edge – please read about this below ! Plus of course, you receive some of the other intangibles, such as direct physician access 24/7, fast scheduling, home visits, and other conveniences.  If you are concerned about cardiovascular disease, based on your history, or perhaps your family history, this is the plan for you.

  1. An annual wellness exam, including basic / traditional lab tests
    • The annual wellness exam includes an in-depth past medical/family/social/personal history, along with a head-to-toe physical examination
    • The ‘traditional lab tests’ include tests to monitor electrolytes, liver and kidney function, blood counts, thyroid, cholesterol panel, and prostate test if necessary
  2. Advanced preventive / early detection analysis – (advanced lipid testing, inflammatory biomarkers)
    • This battery of test provides the most cutting edge, cardiovascular risk assessment possible
    • It is an in-depth assessment of cholesterols, lipoproteins, inflammatory markers, genetic testing, key hormonal levels, vitamin D, and diabetes screening
  3. Bioscan analysis with the biophotonic scanner – anti-oxidant levels / assessment
    • By learning your anti-oxidant status, we are able to assess your bodies immune stystem, and your ability to ward off cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and stroke, as well as cancer
    • It also provides with an important snap-shot of your nutritional status, and your bodies absorption of fruits and vegetables, as well as dietary supplements such as multi-vitamins
  4. Micronutrient analysis – comprehensive nutritional test
    • This looks at an array of dozens of vitamins, minerals, and other micro-nutrients to fully analyze your nutritional status
    • This test provides valuable information about key deficiencies that you may have, which allow us to properly assess and then guide nutritional consultation, dietary supplementation, and therapeutic intervention in the most scientific way
  5. Annual nutritionist consultation
    • I have been personally working in collaboration with Catherine since 2003.  She is well versed in working with elite level athletes, to diabetics and patients aspiring to lose weight. She does a great job, and will help you live a healthier life.  I am committed to achieving the highest level of nutrition for myself and my patients – and if you notice, out of all the services offered, there is ONE which is included in every single one of our wellness plans – the nutritionist consult.
    • You will have an individual session with Catherine to personally assess and enhance your diet – with follow up correspondence per email.
  6. Weather your trying to loose weight, working on athletic performance, or to lead a healthy life with the highest level of prevention possible, this consultation is invaluable
  7. One month of Vitality
    • Ageloc vitality is a dietary supplement which has produced dramatic results with boosts in energy, mental clarity, and libido – something almost everyone wants and could use
    • It is pharmaceutical grade in quality, and a very safe product to take
  8. Personal Health Record
    • You will be able to house all of your personal records electronically
  9. Personal Health Coach
    • In conjunction with your advanced cardiovascular risk assessment panel, you will receive your own personal health coach, to aid in dietary consultation, life style modification, and interpretation and subsequent monitoring of test results
  10. Sexual health consultation and screening
    • This includes an annual rapid HIV test for you and your partner (20 min results) and sexual health consultation to the extent needed or desired
  11. Health insurance consultation
    • We will align you with a health insurance consultant for a free, informative consultation
    • Our consultants are well versed with HSA’s (health savings accounts), which are excellent solutions for many people to make health care more affordable.  And HSA’s often work very well in conjunction with high deductible insurance plans – especially when combined with these concierge wellness plans.
  12. Direct access to the doctor 24/7 – (cell / text / facebook / twitter / email)
    • Each patient will receive Dr. Browns personal cell phone and email for direct & immediate contact whenever needed.
    • You will also have direct access to the staff – all in addition to the traditional office lines and company email.
  13. No Copays
    • All patients with paid membership will have copays waived
  14. Follow up visits when needed
    • There is no limit on visits and follow up visits for members
  15. Rapid appointment bookings – usually same day
    • If Dr. Brown is not in town / physically available, you can usually see the physician assistant, or another covering physician if needed
  16. Home visits (when needed – determined on a case by case basis)
    • Sometimes home visits are needed, desired, or just more convenient; and these situations will be accommodated whenever possible
  17. Chest X-ray and EKG
    • A 12 lead ekg and chest xr with 2 views will be performed, either at Dr. Browns office, or in the comfort of your home.
    • Critical data about heart size, conduction, and overall health can be obtained from these studies
  18. Heart Scan
    • As noted above, this will assess the coronary arteries, specifically, to detect any atherosclerotic build up in the heart, which of course leads to heart attacks.  This data can be invaluable.
  19. One month of LifePak Nano
    • LifePak nano is a safe, effective, pharmaceutical grade multivitamin.  It is the most comprehensive multivitamin one can get, with the best possible absorbtion with its nano technology.  You will see the measurable difference with just one month of this product, using some of the follow up testing resources as above. testing.
  20. Echocardiogram
    • This is essentially an ultrasound of the heart and gives us a great look at your overall heart function, size, valvular status, and motion.
  21. Carotid dopplers
    • The carotid arteries are the main vessels that are responsible for getting blood to the brain.  If there is blockage here, it is indicative that aggressive medical measures, and sometimes surgical intervention, is warranted.
  22. Ankle – Brachial Index
    • These measurements help tip us off to the presence of vessel occlusion or obstruction, as well as the regression of these processes over time based on medicinal and nutritional intervention
  23. 1 month of Co-enzyme Q 10
    • Co-Q10 has long been found to be a key component to cardiovascular health at a cellular metabolic level.
    • If you are on cholesterol lowering medication, Co-Q10 can often become low, hence making supplementation important
  24. Omega 3 Fatty Acid testing
    • The HS-Omega-3 Index determines the patient’s risk of sudden cardiac death.  An adequate level of the omega 3’s EPA and especially DHA can reduce this risk by up to 90%.
    • Most Americans have a 4% RBC omega-3 fatty acid percentage withch represents normal risk; however an 8% RBC level may reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death by 90% !
    • This is of tremendous benefit to test for cardiovascular risk reduction and the management and treatment of lipid disorders